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Weather forecast forBørselvnes, Porsanger (Troms og Finnmark)

  1. Applies to Finnmarkskysten

    On Tuesday we expect considerable avalanche danger for region Finnmarkskysten. Avalanche problem is wet snow (slab avalanches), wind drifted snow (slab avalanches) and persistent weak layer (slab avalanches).
    Read more at NVE

    Yellow severity - moderate danger
    Orange severity - considerable danger
    Red severity - extreme danger
    The colour tells you how severe the situation can become (

    InstructionsTravelling in avalanche terrain requires advanced knowledge, experience in route finding and ability to identify the avalanche problem. Generally, it is recommended to avoid avalanche terrain. Avalanches may hit some avalanche-exposed roads and occasionally settlements.

Today, Monday 17/01/2022
Time Forecast Temp. Precipitation Wind
Partly cloudy.
-4° 0 mm Fresh breeze, 8 m/s from northwestFresh breeze, 8 m/s from northwest
Light snow.
-4° 0 – 1.6 mm Fresh breeze, 10 m/s from north-northwestFresh breeze, 10 m/s from north-northwest
Tomorrow, Tuesday 18/01/2022
Time Forecast Temp. Precipitation Wind
-4° 0 – 1.4 mm Light breeze, 3 m/s from west-northwestLight breeze, 3 m/s from west-northwest
-4° 1.1 – 2.8 mm Gentle breeze, 4 m/s from west-southwestGentle breeze, 4 m/s from west-southwest
-3° 0.9 – 2.7 mm Gale, 19 m/s from south-southwestGale, 19 m/s from south-southwest
1.1 – 2.9 mm Fresh breeze, 10 m/s from southwestFresh breeze, 10 m/s from southwest
Wednesday, 19/01/2022
Time Forecast Temp. Precipitation Wind
1.0 – 3.0 mm Fresh breeze, 9 m/s from south-southwestFresh breeze, 9 m/s from south-southwest
Partly cloudy.
0 – 2.6 mm Gentle breeze, 4 m/s from south-southwestGentle breeze, 4 m/s from south-southwest
-2° 0 – 2.2 mm Light breeze, 3 m/s from south-southwestLight breeze, 3 m/s from south-southwest
Partly cloudy.
-6° 0 mm Light air, 1 m/s from southwestLight air, 1 m/s from southwest

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Avalanche forecast

Avalanche forecast for Finnmarkskysten area

Next update: ca 18.1. 16:00

Today, 17.1.

Avalanche danger level Moderate

Tomorrow, 18.1.

Avalanche danger level Considerable

Detailed avalanche forecast

The meteorologist’s text forecast

You will find the text forecast at this page.


Sun and moon, 17/01/2022
Sun Moon
; Polar night, the sun doesn’t rise. ; The moon does not rise.

Places nearby

Putankuru (pass, 58 m away), Børselvnes (farm, 199 m away), Iisakinkuru (pass, 227 m away), Kiksiniemenvaara (hill, 381 m away), Korpinpahta (small hill, 466 m away), Rokalaassa (rock in sea, 524 m away), Korkkeesokka (small hill, 547 m away), Runkaouđanjärvi (lake, 636 m away), Kiksiniemenkoppa (inlet at sea, 675 m away), Ravtalaassa (rock in sea, 676 m away), Juovvavárri (mountain, 684 m away), Ritalaatas (small mountain, 756 m away), Fämpöörinkikoppa (inlet at sea, 768 m away), Moosensenpahta (small hill, 773 m away), Sinvuohpenjárga (small peninsula, 824 m away), Kuotrunlaatas (small mountain, 859 m away), Pukinkoppa (inlet at sea, 913 m away), Ritaniemi (small peninsula, 924 m away), Kultarunka (valley, 1066 m away), Kotakoppa (inlet at sea, 1071 m away)

Latitude/longitude: 70°19′34″N 25°24′54″E
Decimal coordinates: 70.3261 25.4153

Altitude: 24 m.

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Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority

Norwegian place names are regulated by the Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Authority. Last updated in February 2015.

Approved names: Børselvnes (norwegian, authorized by the municipality in 1994), Giksenjárga (northern sami, authorized by the municipality in 1994), Kiksiniemi (*[nob:punkt/stadnamninfo:språk_KV], authorized by the municipality in 1994).

Category: Village
Municipality: Porsanger, Troms og Finnmark.
SSR-ID: 343011 (2206944)